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Social Investing. On Steroids.

Tradante revolutionizes investment platforms as the world's-first "Groupware" and Multi-Asset solution. It leverages the power of teamwork and social engagement to identify lucrative investment opportunities. With the integration of game-like elements, along with the distribution of crypto-token rewards and bounties, Tradante empowers traders to cultivate vital skills, enhance their investing habits, and embark on a path towards financial success.

Developing Savy Investors. Not Gurus.

Tradante stands out from traditional (and boring) copy trading platforms, by breaking away from the monotonous model of simply following traders. It fosters a vibrant community where member-to-member engagement goes beyond selecting a trader to follow. By promoting user-generated signals and eliminating the mentor-protege dynamic, Tradante addresses the shortcomings of traditional trading-mirror systems, encouraging interaction and collaboration among all members.

Trade on a simulated demo account, earn token that can be used to fund live accounts!

Master trading in a risk-free realm.

The most exciting Traders Challenge!

Whether Trading a real-live account or a risk-free simulated demo, users are assigned a TPS Scorefor each trade, and are ranked in rank in multiple Leaderboards.The TradePoints score, is automaticall assigned by a proprietary at the close of each trade, and calculated using a custom algorithm which analyize the trade specifics inlcuding among others entry/exit and the risk management applied. Users can also partecipate in custom Trading challenges, Tournaments with reward prices, or mine to earn achievements and badges.


Support The Needs Of The Most Demanding Investors

Tradante for Sell Side Firms

Be part of your Customers Success.

Tradante engages traders emotionally, rewards good trades, and limits the "Burn And Churn" typical in the retail marketplace. Distributed as an hybrid PAAS, Tradante seamlessly integrates with your current execution infrastructure.

Plug & Play & Cloud Based.

Tradante is distributed as a cloud based application, compatible with most broker APIs and which does not require installation of bridges,or additional infrastructure.


Infrastructure Geo-replication, allow tradante to execute trades at ultra-low latency. The app is able to support the needs of the most sophisticated investor.

Fresh, Innovative, Unique.

Our highly scalable architecture gives the capacity to support Brokers of any size and capacity. Expand your commercial offering with our engaging platform.

Add Gamification​.

Gamification in financial services alllow brokers to reward clients who commit in developing skills and expertise to survive the difficult capital markets.

Secure & Compliant.

Access Audits, include 2FA, device and IP logging and monitoring and more. Tradante fullfills the cybersecurity requirements of the most stringent regulators.

Promote a Performance Driven Culture.

Increase retention by investing in your most important asset: your clientele. Keep them focused on performance and morivated to improve their investing habits

Still thinking social trading is just click-and-follow? Think again.


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